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newbie needs advice on system

12 years ago


I recently moved into a house that is on a well system, there is no water softener or R/O system installed, just a 10" pre-filter that until yesterday did not have a filter element inside.

I been looking around and found an used kinetico that also come with a hydrotech R/O

the system has a kinetcio 60 twin tanks, the hydrotech with one long skinny tank and salt tank and also there is a separate long skinny black tank.

the seller claims that the system is 7 years old.

the water was tested and i do have ferrous and ferric iron, ph is 6.7, that is all i was told.

what is the best approach to install this sytem if i decide to buy it used, can i call kinetico and have them install it or because is used they will not do it, or can any plumber install the system?

also been that it is used, should i changed the resin and do a complete service on the unit

thanks for any suggestions

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