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Newbie homesteader- need advice on chickens

15 years ago

Last year we bought a home in the country...17 acres, all for us! Living in the country is very new to me, so I'm taking baby steps. I am interested in getting some chickens for egg production. A friend who has chickens advised getting 6-10 hens. He raises Production Reds and California Grays; his chickens roost in a nearby tree by their own choice.

I am interested in hearing about what breeds you have selected for your flocks and which you would recommend for us. My plan thus far is to provide a coop (for night protection) with nesting boxes and perches, but allow them to free-range during the day.

Any suggestions, advice or resources you can recommend would be much appreciated...especially if you think I need to rethink some of the things I've already mentioned. I need recommendations on what type of coop to build, as well. I want to make sure I have all the info beforehand, as I want to be a good flock manager and take the best care of the girls as I can. :)



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