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A Great New Way to Use This for That

16 years ago

some more great tips from!

Got a bottle of cheap shampoo hanging around the shower? Put it to good use  not on your hair, but on those grungy walls and the floor, too. No kidding. Our first great reader tip today reveals the other part of the recipe.

SHAMPOO THE SHOWER. A great solution for cleaning the shower is shampoo and baking soda. Dampen a cloth. Add about 2 tablespoons (or a palmful) of shampoo and a sprinkle of baking soda to the cloth. Lather to mix well, then wipe down the shower and tub with the soapy cloth. Rinse the cloth again. Wipe off shampoo. This gives your shower a streak less, clean shine. Rachel, Ohio

SOFT COOKIES. Tired of making cookies that get hard overnight? Put a piece of bread in the airtight container full of cookies and they will remain soft until gone. When the bread gets hard, replace with a new pieceÂworks every time. Charlene S., Florida

SHOE SCUFFS. Recently at an airport, I saw a custodian cleaning shoe scuffs off the floor with a tennis ball attached to a broomstick. It took them right off. You donÂt even need to use the broomstickÂjust a quick rub with a tennis ball does the trick. B. F., New York

OIL SPOT REMOVER. If you are in a restaurant and get oil or grease on your clothing, ask the waiter for a tablespoon of flour from the kitchen. If you rub it into the spot, allow it to dry and then brush off the spot, you will likely be able to finish your day without a noticeable spot. Be sure to pre-treat the stain before laundering. Beth S., email

PET HAIR PICK-UP. I wear lots of polar fleece, which is a pet hair magnet. A friend of mine suggested using rubber gloves. While wearing the gloves, I brush down the fleece. The hair rolls into a ball at the bottom of the garment where itÂs easy to pick off and discard. I will never go back to lint brushes or disposable tape brushes again. I also use the gloves when IÂm vacuuming the stairs. The gloves easily lift the hair from the edges and back of the riser. Best of all, the gloves can be used over and over. Lu F., email

CUPCAKE CAKE. I love what our local grocery does with cupcakes for special occasions. They place all of the cupcakes tightly together before frosting and then cover the whole batch so that it looks like a cake. Then they decorate the "cake" with "Happy Birthday" or another special message. When you are ready to serve, the cupcakes come apart as individual servings with icing! Toni A., Florida

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