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Need Help selecting Front Door Color and Trim

12 years ago

Every March I get an urge to do something to my house, and you all have been SO helpful to me in the past!! It's that time again.

Our 15 year old Therma Tru steel door has seen better days. We can not afford to replace it yet with a beautiful wood door.. but do want to spruce it up a little. I am STUMPED as to a color! I thought maybe I asked this last year... but when I google or search, I can not find the responses so I am asking again .. please help!!

If I would like the door to have a shiny black color, would you paint the door trim shiny black too?

Or, do you have an alternative color suggestion? It of course is complicated by the color of my shutters, which I may be persuaded to paint as well.. I was going for bottle green but they faded in the western sun!!! I know for sure I do not want to match the shutters!

TIA for any/all advice or opinions!!!

Here is my front door:

and the front of the house:

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