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ideas for freeing space behind dryer

15 years ago

I have an electric dryer sitting alongside my washer in my basement. An elbow comes out the bottom bending up to a 52" metal tube which at it's top bends again and exits the home. The nature of the 4" metal tube causes the dryer to stick out an extra 4"...which is valuable space I'd like to reclaim. The way the back of the dryer is made it looks like I could pick up 3" of space if, where the elbow connects to the dryer base, instead of beding up, it bent right or left for about 2 feet until it got either side of the dryer, THEN bent up...of course after going uo 52" it would need to bend back 2 foot laterally in one direction to get back to where the hole is where it exits. God, I hope you can visualize this...its sort of like I am locked at the bottom of the dyer where the vent exits and at the top where it exists the house but instead of going straight up I want to first run to one side of the dryer...I can then shove the dryer back 3"...or so it appears.

I am guessing all these bends are not code compliant or safe....? If not, any other ideas or is everyone with a dryer essentially doomed to loose 36" in depth.


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