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Help please/Master bath remodel free standing tub idea

2 years ago


We are going to be remodeling the master bath of a home we are purchasing. We are thinking of getting rid of the big tub/columns here and putting in a free standing tub. We feel like it might open up the room some. We are also thinking of making the wall to the right of the tub a half wall and putting glass above the half wall so that the shower will feel more open. I am concerned though b/c the wall to the left is a full wall b/c the toilet is in that room. Would it look unbalanced to have a full wall for the toilet room/left of the tub and then a half wall with glass above it for the shower? We are also planning to straighten out the cabinets by the closets from the office in the room behind our bathroom. We thought it might give us a little more counter space and make the bathroom feel larger overall.

We are really just hoping to update/open up the feel of the bathroom so if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them!

Thanks so much for any suggestions/ideas you may have.

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