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Rinnai Natural Gas Tankless Water Heaters

15 years ago


We had Sears Home Comfort today about a few things, you know to get free estimates. One of the items was for a tankless water heater.

In our area (Ontario, Canada) they apparently only sell and install Rinnai brand. Never heard of them. Their marketing brochure says they are a Japanese company who are '...the world's largest manufacturer of gas appliances.'.

The model we are being recommended is the R75LSi, natural gas type.

Now, no way I can do the install at all, so I have to rely on someone to do it for me (if we go this route).

Does anyone:

1. have any experience with Rinnai natural gas tankless water heaters?

2. have any experience with this specific model?

We have a general quote, to be confirmed on Monday, that the all-in installed cost would be.....yikes......around $3,200.

Sounds VERY high to me and while I love trees and the planet, that's an awful lot of money; payback for us would be only around 7 to 8 years.

Appreciate your thoughts and experiences in this area I know nothing about.

Thank you in advance,


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