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Recommend GAS Tankless Hot water heater?

15 years ago

Our family of 4 has a 40gal GAS Hot Water Heater, but we like hot showers and baths, and even though it's turned up all the way, we often run out of hot water.

We're thinking of getting a GAS tankless Hot water heater (don't want electric because we have power outages. I have a generator so I can supply some electricity to the gas one).

I'm interested in hearing experiences, good and bad, with Tankless GAS units - thanks!

PS - When we bought the house, we had a 1960 30gal unit and no problems. That was replaced in 1995 with a 40gal and we were also ok (though we did run out occasionally), the newest one was installed in 2006, and I guess that with improved "energy efficiency" every year they just don't put out as hot a flow?

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