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almond milk questions - grainlady or anyone

9 years ago

Happy/Merry Christmas to all -

We are in the middle of an ice storm. My world looks like it was dipped in meringue. Pretty but dangerous.

Anyway I have been meaning to make more nut milks. I finally bought a nut bag to make almond syrup for a Christmas gift. I have a few questions.

I soaked the almonds overnight. Processed them with fresh water. Strained it through the bag. How dry do you get the leftover meal? It seemes to be fairly wet still but I think I was popping the seams of the bag.

The other question is about the leftover meal. I am drying it in my dehydrator. What temp should I be using? What nutrition is left in the meal? Nuts are expensive enough that I hate to waste any part of them but I am not sure what to do with the meal.

Thanks, Amanda

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