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Kefir Question--for Grainlady or Anyone

10 years ago

I am now happily brewing my own kefir! After worrying that the grains were not growing (it took nearly two weeks for them to budge) they are now proliferating.

grainlady, my question is about thickness. I've been doing a 48 hour ferment and using 2% milk. After 24 hours I get a frothy mix. After 48 hours the curds and whey are separated with a thick layer of grains/curds on top. I stir it, strain off the grains, refrigerate it, and drink it through the day. However, once stirred the consistency is really no more than the original 2% milk--maybe just a tad thicker but not much. It is absolutely nothing like the store bought Lifeway kefir that is almost as thick as yogurt.

Am I doing this correctly? Would it be thicker if I used full-fat milk? Thanks!

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