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Complete repipe. Can I do some of the work?

14 years ago

IÂm planning to have a contractor do a complete copper repipe of my galv pipes to either Copper, PEX or CPVC (havenÂt decided yet).

To save some money, I would like to do a portion of the work myself, if possible.

Eg. I was thinking of letting the plumbers do the actual piping while I do the wall ripping and repairing that is involved. I donÂt think I can do much work in the crawlspace, my old back cannot handle that.

I guess the first step would be to understand what is involved. Eg. How much bathroom and kithen wall does it have to be torn for a complete repipe? Any links to websites with descriptions of the repipe process may also help.

My project parameters are: house is on a perimeter foundation, 20" crawl space. Single story 1100sqf, 1.5 bath, kithen, one faucet in back yard. All water pipes are in crawlspace.

Thanks in advance.

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