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some lights dim and outlets do not work, others work fine

15 years ago

This morning my wife was getting ready for work and all of the sudden some of the lights in the house went out, others stayed on. The range went out also. Other parts of the house worked fine, plugs and lights. After about 15 minutes the lights came back on but were very dim. When turning on the bathroom fan, the lights would dim. Over time the lights seemed to get a bit brighter but if you turned on others they would dim, the lights that were working never seem to have any dimming or interupt in power during this time. I believe the lights and outlets that do not work are on both sides of the panel. I suspect there is a loose neutral wire but am not sure how to track down where it would be. One post I read on some forum said a loose neutral would cause dimming on every other circuit so I figured I would check the panel first, just wanted to get more advice.

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