If I love it, it disappears...

Annie Deighnaugh
8 years ago

Somehow it seems like once I find a food I love, they stop making it.

Entenmanns used to make a wonderful pastry called cheese filled pastry puffs that were delish and not too sweet....they don't make them any more.

I used to be able to get key lime yogurt which seems to have disappeared, at least from my area.

Van Kamps used to make a certain fish that had a wonderfully crunchy topping which could be popped in the toaster oven and came out great...can't get that any more.

Weight watchers used to make these mocha fudgsicles that were so creamy and delish and they disappeared.

Hood used to make something called reverse chocolate chip ice cream which was fab, but they stopped making was chocolate ice cream with white chocolate chips.

Does this happen to anyone else?

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