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The flesh of Red Delicious Apples...

14 years ago

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I can't see any other that could apply, and since cooking is about the end result of eating, I hope someone can help.

I've searched the internet about the above apple, the sites that describe various apples say the red delicious are crisp & sweet, with white flesh. I just bought a bag yesterday, the color looks fresh, the apples are firm, you cut into them and they seem crisp, yet the white flesh is streaked in the middle around where the seeds are kept, and it looks like a more translucent yellow/brown. Anyone else run across this? Know what this is?

I spent some time on this thread and ran across a thread where posters were talking about how over the years this apple has lost its flavour (I believe it) yet dh only wants to eat this type of apple if it's crisp (not mealy). I tasted the apple, it's not at it's peak, but the yellowish part wasn't rotten, just different. And it looks so odd.

Two or 3 years ago I tried my first mango, and I must have been lucky because it was perfect and I was hooked. Kept buying more that were good, then my luck ran out. I'd buy a couple that looked and felt great, but when I cut into them the flesh around the seed was brown and mushy. Searched the net for possible answers, and came across some memo written to the growers of mangoes, asking them to not sell their windfall produce (stuff that fell off the tree in windstorms) because although the fruit still looked fine, the centre would be rotten once the consumer got it home, and that would endanger consumer confidence in this supposedly new fruit. Sure has made me cautious about buying mangoes, and now this with the apples.

And I haven't been able to buy a kiwi fruit and have it ripen and be sweet, for about 3 years now. They are either rock hard and never ripen at home, or appear to ripen but are NOT sweet. I'm in my 40's and have been grocery shopping for enough years, I should be able to pick good fruit, shouldn't I?

Thank you for reading all this!

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