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My Thanksgiving (pictures)

14 years ago

Of course, you're all invited to my Thanksgiving dinner, at least virtually. The Princess set the table using the good tablecloth San sent me and the "fancy" wine glasses. She was excited to get her orange soda in the good glasses, LOL, I didn't have the heart to tell her that those glasses were about 20 years old and I didn't care if they got broken.

Mom played with Bruvver, who is nearly as big as his Great Grandmother. Mom is 4'10" and weighs somewhere around 90 lbs. Bud is about up to her armpits and weighs 45 pounds...

We started with Dave's favorite cheeseball and some stuffed mushrooms:

We had ham and turkey, salad and stuffing, rolls and vegetables.

Ashley and Amanda always pose for a photo:

We had a pumpkin cheesecake and a buckeye cake for dessert. We also had a key lime pie that I bought at a charity bake sale, no pics of that. It was a purchased graham cracker crust with a key lime flavored marshmallow type filling.

The Princess had a loose tooth so Ashley helped her pull it out:

Yup, it's gone. Her first tooth and the tooth fairy already gave her a dollar for it. She wants to know what the tooth fairy does with all those teeth, so if anyone knows, please tell me!

Another perfect family holiday with good food and family members that I love. Happy Thanksgiving.


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