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Need Your Help with Farrow and Ball Paint Color Sequence

11 years ago

Hi Everyone (and especially you Farrow and Ball experts!),

I don't even know if I've titled that question appropriately, but here's what I need your help on:

Context: I'm using Farrow and Ball to paint 2 of the 3 parlors of my turn-of-century NYC rowhouse. The first parlor has a lot of woodwork detail, including picture mouldings, woodwork trim,and wainscoting that rises about 1/4 of the way up the wall. Then there's the wall, followed by a cove, crown and ceiling. The middle parlor is a much smaller room. More of a passageway really -- with a very large, detailed mantel, higher wainscoting (maybe 1/2 the way up the walls) and again, lots of woodwork detailing and picture moulding. There is a cove but no crown in this room. The height from floor to ceiling in both rooms is 11'.

Plan: The colors I am working with, for sure, are F&B Pointing ; Elephant's Breath and; Mahogany . Pointing will go on the wainscoting, trim and ceiling in both rooms (plus crown in the front parlor); Elephant's Breath on the walls in the main parlor; and Mahogany will be used for the walls in the middle parlor.

Big question: The coves in each room will be the same color but one that is different than the walls in each room. So, which way to go with the cove color? Darker or lighter? Right now, I'm trying to decide between going darker with Charleston Grey or lighter with Skimming Stone .

I'm most concerned about how the cove will look in the front parlor. At this point, I'm leaning towards going darker on the cove in that room. That's because I'm guessing that the darker cove will bring a dramatic accent to an otherwise very neutral (almost boring) color scheme. It will also bring more attention to the crown. However, I also worry that maybe I should paint the cove with Skimming Stone, -- a color in the same family as Elephant's Breath but much lighter. The rationale for this is that it may help to visually open up the room as the sight line rises. OTOH, Skimming Stone in the cove in the middle parlor seems like it may act as a confusing break between Mahagony on the walls and Pointing on the ceiling. In that room, where the main wall color is so intense and dominant, Charleston Grey in the cove feels like a much more harmonious choice.

Confession: The main reason why this is even a problem for me is money! Having already strained my budget on this project, I'm trying to avoid buying yet another gallon of super expensive F&B paint where one gallon of one color is sufficient to paint the coves of both rooms.

Sum-up: The color schemes in the front and middle parlors will be the reverse of each other, with the light wall color dominant in the front parlor and the dark wall color dominant in the middle parlor. So, imagine that, in the front room the cove is either Charleston Grey or Skimming Stone sandwiched between Elephant's Breath and Pointing and in the middle parlor the cove choice is the same sandwiched between Pointing and Mahogany. Have I confused you as much as myself? If not, WWYD and why?

Thanks! (And,does it help to tell you I'm in a hurry?) :-)

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