Amazing Race last night, did you watch?

FlamingO in AR
12 years ago

I thought it was good, but if those women were going to keep yelling at that poor man with the 99 drawers, I was going to have to hope for THEIR elimination. I understand frustration, but my gosh, they were rude!

So breaking rules incurs penalties. Good. I thought was a snotty thing for that one brother to do, hiding the pumps from the others. It some ways they seem so fun and then in others that one is kind of petty and braggy. I like the chubbier one, the one in the yellow shirt.

I really like the Tammy half of Victor/Tammy. I just don't get him, maybe he should have looked at the tires first before saying "I hate to say this but my sister is heavy." WHAT? Maybe HE'S a weakling! She can't weigh much less without being a twig. She offered to do the running/pulling but nooooo...... And making that mistake about leaving their rickshaw at the gate, that almost cost them first place, that was his idea, too.

Felt a little sorry for the mom, getting overheated but toughing it out to the finish line before collapsing. She told Phil she needed water, but I guess he didn't listen to her. The son seemed so upset and concerned for her. She needed a stick or something, some kind of system, so she could get her son's attention when he couldn't see her. What a tough challenge, the boat thing looked easy enough, but very time consuming. The rickshaw, in that heat, looked exhausting.

The tiger at the zoo- VERY cool! I wouldn't like to be sitting there though when the handler is mooshing his face around to get him to turn his head, yikes! The elephant bit was neat, too, but having him squat over them seemed kind of odd. (It may have been a she, I couldn't really tell.)

I was sorry the father/son team got eliminated, the dad was so very proud of his son and so was the son proud of his dad. It was very sweet at the end. And Dad did good! I hope they're very proud of themselves.

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