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How healthy do you eat?

15 years ago

How well do you pay attention to what and how much you eat?

I want to pay more attention to not only what I eat, but what I feed my family. The kids are of healthy weight, on the skinny side maybe. But fit, they all play sports and that gets them lots of excercise. But I want them to have a taste for healthy versions of recipes. DH is overweight, no way around it. He's a lot more person than he was when I married him. ;o) I'm a bit more person than when we married. We eat too much meat/potatoes midwestern meals, not enough healthy variety or low-fat versions of recipes. DH would be happy if I served beef for every meal. (I don't, but he would like it if I did.) Sometimes I try to cook healthier, but it gets rejected and I give up. I'm inconsistent with what I eat and what I serve.

I'll give myself a C-

If you get an A, what do you do?

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