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Backsplash Decision Is Causing Me To Lose My Mind!!

13 years ago

No, it's not your imagination, we've discussed my backsplash a lot. I just can't commit. I don't know why. I keep looking and looking. I do have favorites, and you may have seen them before, so just think of them as "old friends".

The granite is busy (Bianco Antico) and I have undercabinet lighting so I am leaning towards a matte 2x8 white subway tile. See photo. If I go that route, how would soldier/stacked pattern look? I have a photoshop picture of that below. Ignore the color in the picture,sort of looks blue. I took the tiles all the way up to the ceiling--I seem to like that when they are stacked. Not so much in the brick pattern.

But there is a white Italian tile subway, 3x6,crackle, gloss with a slight bevel that I like. It has a gray undertone to it so it works really well in the space. This tile does not have the bullnose on the short side available, and we aren't particulary crazy about having to turn them on the vertical to finish the end. And the listellos have flowers, which really don't work for us.

I guess I need your opinions (confirmations)that the beveled subway might be too busy for my kitchen.

I actually really liked a tile that Megpie suggested, it is a beveled arabesque tile. I have tried contacting the company, but no one ever responds. In fact I entered my kitchen in a contest on their blog for a free backsplash, but all of the deadlines (including the "winner announcement" date) have just passed. They have made no announcements on finalists or winners. I'm wondering if the tile is not available. So I have to move on.

Sorry this is so long, here are the photos, I need comments.

First the room:


Sample board, you can see the 2x8 tile that has caught my eye.


Here is the photoshop version of the 2x8s in the stacked pattern all the way up. (Ignore the blueish color)


Here is the Italian Tile, love the color--it looks really weird in some pictures. And what? Don't they have upper cabinets in Italy? The sample boards are so giant, I can't fit it vertically anywhere except in front of my cabinets. I'm interested in the subways (in a horizontal pattern).

The color is wrong in this photo.

Just another view, but further away. Ignore that other board, the harlequins are out.

So let me have the truth. What should I do? I really want to hear from you. This backsplash has driven me over the edge--so much so that I have gone ahead and booked our Empty Nest Cruise for September!!! Woo Hoo!!! Maybe I will have...

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