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Pockets of CF-ers

12 years ago

The thread on meeting other CF-ers in real life got me thinking....

There seems to be groups of us here and there throughout the country. There is the Michigan, northern Illinois, Minnesota group with maybe a Wisconsin member or so....consisting of Peppi, sheshebop, Canoe Linda, Lake Mayor and more. I am in Central Iowa, quite near Trudy not too far from Clair de Luna. Then there is the California group of Jessie and Gina and Eileen and more.....the southern group with may, River Rat....can't remember who else...there is Teresa almost by herself in North Carolina and the Florida group, Mustangs, Shaun....can't think who else....Rusty maybe?

then the northwest...with Alexa, Lou, Pam, LPink and more....and then New England with Jimster and Beachgrass etc. I think Dirtundermy nails is by herself in the middle of Nebraska....and there used to be someone from Arizona,...there are a few of us who are sort of isolated from other CF-ers.

So.....which group do you belong to? How many other CF people are within easy driving distance?

Given the distances between us, it's easy to see why the cooking style and recipes are very different.

Linda C

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