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'Splain me' about streaming movies

11 years ago

I've gotten good advice on the 'Electronics' forum here, but Monica's post about watching "Hugo" reminds me to ask our KT experts for input.

We bought a Sony Blu-Ray player with internal WiFi for our vacation condo last month and just bought one for home this week. (We also have a Wii -- but I'm hearing that it won't support HD.)

I had an awful time registering the Sony Blu-Ray at the condo. Our regular guests who come in after we leave were able to do it for me, but I wasn't far enough along to go forward with Netflix before we left.

Anyway...I bought the same Sony player for home, and I've boosted our broadband service to 6.0 mbps (highest AT&T offers here). Once I get the registration done I'd assumed we'd open an account with Netflix -- until Monica mentioned streaming "Hugo" via Amazon.

Who has been happy streaming movies? Why choose one service over another? Glitches? Can I access a Netflix or similar account on Maui and at home? What to expect as to choices and visual quality?

More info: Our primary TV is 1080, but not 3-D. The Blu-Ray is Sony BDP-BX58; it comes with an HDMI cable.

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