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TAlk To Me About Using Blu-Ray to Stream Netflix

11 years ago

We bought a 32" Samsung TV for $300 (720, not 1080, because cable here only feeds 720). We bought a Sony Blu-Ray for $90 (BDP-BX58 w/wireless LAN).

We have a leased router from our telephone company -- thinking of buying one instead, but that's another story.

I want to understand about using the Blu-Ray to stream movies from Netflix. I see that I'd pay Netflix a monthly fee. Should I expect additional fees from the phone company if I don't lease their router? Would I need a higher level of service from them to stream movies?

When you stream a movie, can you stop it and return to it much later? (We often split a long DVD movie over two days.) If we had HD-DVR here, could we record a streamed movie?

The cable company is returning Monday with the HD cable box we ordered last month. They were out of stock and gave us a temporary Digital box. Once we have the HD box I'd go ahead with trying out the Netflix.

This is all in our vacation rental condo. As I understand it, a guest with a Netflix account could use his account to stream movies here -- if I can get everything ready for that.

It's sort of a practice run. When we return home we'll replace our ol DVD player w/Blu-Ray and try the streaming. (Home TV is Sony Bravia w/1080). We also have Wii at home; would a streamed movie play better through Blu-ray?

Thanks for reading my long note. Any help or tips?

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