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Please educate me on streaming services & sticks

last month

We finally got fiber optic cable today. Main tv viewer will be DH who will be watching in the LR.

Our good but old tv supported Roku 13 years ago but it was slow as molasses so we got rid of it.

What I'd like to know is,

1. Is a stick the same as a device?

2. I have Amz Prime w/one echo dot that I keep in the bedroom for music. It's in my name and I'm not sharing my Amz password w/DH. :) If we got another echo dot for the LR using my prime, will it interfere with the bedroom's echo dot, or would DH have to buy his own Prime to use it?

Not interested in a smart tv.

Would you tell me what device you stream from, what all is offered, cost, and what type of tv do you use.

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