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paint decisions re: RH silver sage & an RH brown

14 years ago

hi everyone,

we are planning on painting our rooms on monday so hope i can get your feedback in time--

i will have to figure out how to post pictures tonight, but to give you a general idea of the layout of our "great room" space:

kitchen and dining room open up to each other with an 8 ft ceiling and then from dining room, it opens up to vaulted 13 ft ceiling family room--kinda like an L shaped space).

2 things we are trying to decide:

1) i was planning on painting our dining rm/kitchen area RH silver sage and the family room a beige (probably BM bleeker beige). although it's all open, i thought it'd be ok to paint the dining rm/kitchen area and family rm different colors since the ceilings are different heights. i thought it would be more interesting and define the different areas. However, our GC recommended just painting one color-- either all silver sage or all beige. any thoughts on this?

2) which RH brown (flax/latte/cappucino) would look good in a room next to the room painted silver sage? basically this would be our living room which is next to this great room. i havent seen flax in person (although our LR is east facing w/picture window just like deconut and the flax doesnt seem too dark). i thought the capuccino looked fine but our gc/designer thought me having dark walnut floors would make the cappucino look too dark and it doesnt flow into the silver sage nicely (b/c it's different intensities). any thoughts? again, it was recommended that i should use the beige i use in the family room for the living room so it "flows", but i dont know. i just dont want it to be so boring with the same color everywhere.

sigh...after 6+ months of looking at colors, i am going crazy (and thinking the best i can do is green and brown?!) and in desperate need of like-minded folks here :0


any feedback/thought is GREATLY appreciated!!!

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