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Kitchen Wall Paint and Kitchen Island Paint

28 days ago
last modified: 28 days ago


I have kitchen in south west direction with two windows in south and one window in west. Kitchen is big. South west gets natural light because of windows. Not much though because windows are small. The north part of kitchen appears dark due to lack of windows. North part also has brown cabinets.

Kitchen has windows, but looks dark.

Intial plan was to do white cabinet and blue island. However, the project of making brown cabinets to white is expensive. Blue island does not look good with brown cabinets. Now blue looks mistake.

Goal is to change color of island and keep brown cabinets, and also change wall color.

Trim and ceiling are going to be pure white

1. What color would you recommend for kitchen island? Grey? White? What types go with white counterop?

Counter top is white with light grey veins. Backsplash tiles are gray with blues and browns.

2. Can same color that used on island be used for wall? If I use diffrent colors, there will be three colors. Wall, Periphery cabinets and island.

3. What wall color?

4. Should I really change cabinet color? Given that cabinets are in north, I feel white might be hard to pick with worry about undertones. So, now thinking to keep brown cabinets and changing blue island to something light

Thank you

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