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Help me with color for my small, dark, too white kitchen

This ended up long so I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to read! Im painting the walls and cabinets of my kitchen and struggling to find good colors. I want to use sherwin Williams paint (sale). Right

now the kitchen feels dingy/yellowed to me. everything ive read tells me to use a warm white like Alabaster or White Dove. However when i painted samples of these on the wall, they all but disappeared meaning apparently they already were that color (previous owners last painted it). I want to use a bright, not yellowish paint on the uppers and something with a little color on the lower cabinet and east wall. My counter is MSI Stellar White - a cooler white with flecks of grayish blue(second picture). It’s pretty subtle though so I don’t necessarily think the colorful paint has to match. I’ve tried BM Catalina Blue & Woodlawn Blue and both were way too dark just on the lower cabinet. BM Healing Aloe didn’t overwhelm and was pretty but not quite right. I got samples of SW Pure White (sample of left upper cabinet)for the uppers but I’m not sure if it will also be too yellow. For lowers/wall, I have SW North Star (sample on lower cabinet bottom), Misty(lower cabinet upper), and Sea Salt (on upper center cabinet) Not sure about any of time and open to other suggestions. Thank you!

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