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Losing my mind! What BM paint finish to use?

16 years ago

I have gone back and forth on this so many times I am dizzy!! I need to specify a paint finish so my painter can finish!

I am using primarily BM colors (with a few Pratt&Lambart and Dunne & Edwards shades)

It seems that all the BM paint finishes have a problem:

I was going to do Aura--but I am afraid I won't be able to color match right.

I was going to do BM Matte--but I heard that it burnishes and does not touch up well.

I was going to use a flat--but I heard it marks easily and is not washable (and I have three young kids and a big dog--I need washablitliy/scrubabiity!)

Can someone please advise! I am driving my poor DH (and contractor) crazy.

I need something that can exactly match the paint colors I have already chosen, is washable and is able to be touched-up. Is this just not possible?

I am now leaning to using the flat-- my architect claims that it can be cleaned with a Mr. Clean sponge/eraser sponges. Is this okay for the paint?


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