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How Do You Modify Wall To Recess Standard Depth Fridge.

9 years ago

My wife likes the look of a counter depth fridge but doesn�t like the fact that they�re not very deep and the price is normally around 30-40% more. The fridge that we have purchased, (not yet delivered) is Kitchen aid KFIV29PCMS with the dimensions below.

Has anyone ever recessed the fridge by removing the drywall and studs directly behind the fridge and added reinforcement to support the drywall in the opposite room? The stud is 3 �" and drywall is �" for a total of an extra 4" of space. The fridge requires a 1" air gap between the rear of the fridge and wall which would allow for some metal reinforcement to be installed to replace the missing studs. This would allow the fridge to be recessed approximately 4" more and come close to the counter depth and I would have panels on both sides so as to hide the rear of the fridge. The receptacle could be mounted in the cabinet above the fridge and since I would do all the construction work cost would be minimal and nowhere near the added cost of a counter depth model.

Can members tell me how they accomplished this and what reinforcement they used?

Overall Width: 35 11/16"
Overall Width Door Open 90�: 38 3/16"
Overall Depth: 35 11/16"
Overall Depth without Handles: 33 3/16"
Overall Depth without Door: 28 15/16"
Overall Depth with Doors Open 90�: 48"
Overall Depth with Drawer Open: 47 5/8"
Overall Height: 70 1/8"
Overall Height without Hinges: 68 5/8"
Gross Weight: 352 Lbs.

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