BM White Dove looking too cream/dingy - color/finish help!

8 years ago

I just finished painting the kitchen ceiling and walls in phase 1 of my kitchen facelift plans. I used BM James River Gray on the small amount of vertical wall not covered by cabinets, and BM White Dove on the ceiling - and intending to do the cabinets the same color in a few weeks. I did a test patch of the White Dove on a cabinet door.

Next weekend project is pouring the concrete countertop - which will likely be left natural unstained unless I dislike how that looks (it will of course be sealed). The sink will be replaced with a new porcelain sink and a new faucet in pull-down style.

The following weekend will be cabinet painting.

So here's what the kitchen looked like shortly after we moved in - only flooring was done. Since then the only change is that the dishwasher was replaced with a Bosch in *white*. White because it was on sale super super cheap, and it blends better with the cabinets - at least as they are now. It looks better than trying to match the stainless fridge in finish, I think, in this enclosed kitchen.

The walls and ceiling were painted in a very high gloss pale gray. I didn't mind the color but didn't like the super shine, and I wanted a change... also thought the pale gray would be too much washed out gray/white with the concrete countertops.



So, the cabinets MUST be repainted they are peeling and chipping from a poorly done paint job by the PO although you can't see that much in this photo the paint is in very rough shape. Currently they are a very bright true white. They make the countertops look dingy but those will be gone next weekend and I don't think the color itself would be a problem with the concrete since there will not be any yellow in the concrete.

My plans for the backsplash is to go up the the cabinets and keep that level around the room, and I will use either white painted beadboard or - I may have found some affordable white subway tile to use from Lowes or HD. I hope to go with the Subway tile but I have to pick up a sample so I can see what shade of white it is.

Lowes subway tile

Home Depot subway tile

The kitchen has a south facing window which gets lots of light in the afternoon - and it is out only source of afternoon light on the first floor (townhouse)!

So, now I am second guessing my color and finish choices. The James River is a nice color but more blue and darker than I expected. It looks nice with the White Dove but the White Dove seems much creamier/darker than I expected based on a test card held up to the walls. The overall effect of changing the finish (from gloss to eggshell) and the colors has significantly darkened the room, and I liked the light quality it brought in before. The White Dove looks "dirty" to me.

I really feel sore from the painting (lots of crouching on countertop and bending into corners), I already spend more $$ than I would like on paint, and my husband hates the smell of paint - so I really don't want to have to re-paint the walls - but in any case the cabinets have not been done yet and they will be a lot more work so if I'm going to change the plan I'd best do it now.

The adjacent dining room/living room is all BM Mascarpone (visible through the "window" but separated as far as paint defined spaces goes).

The James River Gray I think I will like, once I get used to the change. (It's so strange - the rest of the house I painted before we moved in so it was all 'new" now it's a matter of getting used to changes!)

But I am more concerned about the White Dove - I am not sure if it's just the juxtaposition of the still-bright white cabinets with the softer white ceiling that I don't like, if I just have to get used to the change, or if I should pick another white and repaint the ceiling and use that also for the cabinets.

In addition, I was not thinking about the dishwasher when picking the paint. It more or less matches the current bright white. It will not match the White Dove, and my plan was for it to blend in to the cabinets!

The White Dove looks quite yellow to me and I think I picked it influenced by the current tile countertop which has a definite yellow-pink cast to it.

I have some BM Super White left over from trim, I could try that out... but it's pretty bright/blue white.

Here's my inspiration for the countertops - concrete poured in place over existing tile, sealed but unstained (blog

I'll try to post pics tonight of the painted kitchen, but I didn't paint below the backsplash line and still have to do the touch ups so it looks pretty bad right now.

So, please help- what do you think I should do?

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