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cute idea for little girls... 2 pictures

Linda Wayman
13 years ago

I was in the attic today looking through some old crafts and I found this. It's about 17 or 18 years old because that's when I started working too much overtime to fool with crafts any longer.

There is so much prettier ribbon out there now, so it could be really darling to make for a daughter or grand daughter with longer hair for Valentines Day. I know that's just a few days from now, but this can be done in mere minutes.

I used three lengthsd of ribbon, a very narrow one, one a little wider and one just a little wider than the second one. I cut the to three lengths. It's not important how long they are. It would depend on the size of the little girl and the length of her hair. The one here is 20 inches for the thin red ribbon, 24 inches for the white ribbon and 30 inches for the printed ribbon. I tacked them together with a stitch or two in the middle. I cut 8 hearts about 1 inch in size from red felt and 4 from pink felt. One inch is an approximate size. It's not that important. Anyway I handstitched two hearts together leaving just enough room in the top to stuff them with fiberfill. After stuffing the I hand stitched them closed as I stitched them to an end of the ribbon. I made so many of these back years ago for co-workers' kids as well as my own granddaughter. I used a variety of red and white ribbons.

I asked Anna to let me put this in her hair so I could take a picture or two of it. She did, but she sure didn't want to. She had to take off her ball cap and turn her head away from the tv where Walker Texas Ranger was showing. She still has on her martial arts uniform, which is red, so that made it more difficult for the hearts to show up.



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