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Jewelry box weeding and organizing

16 years ago

Just finished my first round of jewelry culling. It was like pulling teeth! For me, jewelry is just loaded with sentiment. As I sorted through everything, I broke it down into piles.

First pile was obvious donations or giveaways. In a second pile I placed all the pieces I love that need to be repaired. Then, in a third pile I placed the heirloom pieces that I need to have examined by a good jeweler -- determine value of pieces (no value, or value is in the antique setting, or setting and stone together, or just stone) and whether it would be appropriate to reset things so that I could wear items more often. I had never even considered removing stones from their original settings before, but I started thinking, "What's the point of having these things if I'm not going to wear them?" It's not like I have children or much family even to pass them on to, so who cares what I do?" I actually got a bit excited when I thought about the potential to create a few nice pieces of jewelry that I could wear comfortably without anxiety. The fourth pile was for gold jewelry I am willing to part with, but it may not be worth anything except for scrap. If I can, I'd like to get something for these items to help pay for new settings and repairs. I'll have to look into this process because I admit I don't know a thing about it, if it's possible or worth it. If not, there are a few things I could give away. In the fifth pile I placed all my grandmother's antique bead necklaces that need to be restrung. The sixth pile is sterling earrings that need to have their hooks replaced.

The jewelry designated as "keep" went back into a few boxes. I've determined that I need to organize everything better to make it easier to see and find things. I've been wanting to get a couple of larger boxes, but now I also think I want to create a flat mounting with hooks for the dressing room wall where I can hang necklaces and earrings. I still have a lot of stuff, but it's already a bit lighter after this first culling.

This afternoon I stopped in a beading place and inquired about the cost of restringing necklaces, so now I have a place to take my grandmother's old beads. Of course, the question now is, do I want to restring them to their original format, or design something new? Whew!


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