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Seeking info on an 1857 Second Empire Victorian

13 years ago

Hi everyone, I thought I posted this the first time but it doesn't seem to be showing up, so I apologize if this is a duplicate message!

I'm seeking information on my home, which is an 1857 Second Empire. I know 1857 is fairly early for a Second Empire, and all the information I've been able to find on this style has been about much later versions, like 1880 and after. Additionally, my home only has two stories, whereas every other Second Empire I've seen has had three stories with a full mansard roof covering the third story. My home only has two stories, with a relatively short mansard roof covering the second story. I have only ever seen one other two-story Second Empire (in this month's issue of Old Home Journal) and unfortunately the photo didn't provide any detailed information.

Can anyone provide me with any info on early and/or two-story Second Empires? I'd love to know if my home's style was unusual, trendy, a ready-made plan, etc.

Thanks so much in advance!

PS - The porch visible on the right is a later addition, so don't let it throw you - just ignore it :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Two-story 1857 Second Empire

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