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I got my stitches out this morning and now...

15 years ago

the fun begins...My surgery went well and as the doc said..."My shoulder was a wreck"...I had a two inch tear in the rotator cuff as well as a tear in my biscep...several bone spurs and my clavicle was just full of junk he cleaned out...he anchored it up with three tiny pins and some stitches that will dissolve in a year or so. He cleaned out a bunch of arthritis...(I didn't realize arthritis was something you could see..)and basically gave me a good going over. When this pain from the surgery goes away (9 months to a year)...i'm gonna be in great shape....ALL THE WHILE, he was doing this thru a hole about the size of a pencil...that in itself is just amazing to me...I've been in a sling for the last ten days, and boy does it hurt. i've basically stayed high on pain pills and in front of the tv...I've learned that I live in a right hand world...I couldn't even reach over to put the recliner chair up without having to stand up...put it up with my left hand then sorta jump in without shutting up the foot portion. forget doing anything with my right arm....including now I get to exercise it a bit at home as much as I can and I should be able to drive again in about two weeks...or when I feel like I can put the car in gear without pain...the last thing I want to do is overdo it and damage or tear up the beautiful job the doc did fixing felt great to take this big ole sling off...but I'm still keeping it on when walking's amazing how you forget you've had surgery and do something to hurt it so when I can finally put the car in gear, I'll start the real physical terror...or therapy...LOL...For now...I'm still in the chair...but feel good enough at last to finally pull the laptop out and start chatting and playing on the internet again...I'm still amazed of all the things he did...and how much pain that camera and machinery saved me from having to be actually cut open...i have three huge holes in the top back and front of my shoulder...but they've closed nicely...

Thanks to all of you for your well wishes, good thoughts and prayers...I could FEEL the love and power going with me into surgery. I wouldn't wish this surgery on my worst enemy, it's a long road back...but I couldn't continue to work and enjoy the lifestyle I love with the condition my poor shoulder was in. I'm getting really itchy to get up and move around more...but it lets me know all to quickly how much more healing I've got ahead of me!...I'll tell ya more later how the ride home was...I had this done in a surgical center and about 2 hours after surgery...they were kicking my butt outta there...I honestly don't remember much about that first afternoon home...but DH is filling me in!!

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