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Need an opinion, or 2,or 3...on trim in bathroom

15 years ago

This is my first post on this forum, but I've enjoyed reading others' questions and responses. This bathroom was remodeled a couple of years ago, but has been left a "small" percent undone. That's our usual MO, nobody can judge our work since "we're not entirely done" LOL. What's bothering me lately is the lack of trim/backsplash/? to cover up where the counter meets the wall, it's quite large (1/2")and needs to be dealt with. My initial ideas include:

1) a 4-6" high tile band-to match marble counter,

2) a 4-6" tall wood molding, stained dark to match the cabinet and table base,

3) a minimal, quarter-round molding to just cover the gap.

The glass-door cab sits on top of the counter-so whatever I install would probably just go up to, not behind the cabinet.Otherwise, the cab would be pushed away from the wall.If you have a different idea, I'd love to hear it.{{!gwi}}

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