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Where do you keep your cleaning supplies?

19 years ago

Most of mine are under the sink in my kitchen, next to the garbage can. I do have cleaning supplies specific to the bathroom under the bathroom sink, but I'm thinking of moving my cleaning supplies from under the kitchen sink to a more "central" location, so that I can put a basket under the kitchen sink for dirty dishcloths, towels, etc. Currently that is in the bathroom, and I forget about it, so I forget to wash them and run out of dishtowels. I won't forget them if they're staring at me every time I open the cabinet door to throw something in the garbage. LOL

So what do you think? Clean out a shelf in the hall closet? Disburse the supplies hither and yon into pertinant rooms? A little of each? What's your method for organizing cleaning supplies, and where do you keep them?

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