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Limited to HD for new FL....need help b/w LG & Maytag FL

15 years ago

To save almost $2000 out of pocket, I've cashed in credit card points for Home Depot gift cards (and getting gift cards from my parents) I'm limited to HD's selection.

Here's what's important to me: sanitary (or steam?) wash feature (3 small kids & a big dog lots of gross stuff & germs here). I wash all the kids' clothes in hot water. Reliability is clearly important, and then less noise is better (tiled laundry room off kitchen on first floor over basement storage space). Don't have a space issue in the laundry room. I do LOTS and LOTS of laundry and need a large capacity, 4.0 or above. 3 loads 4-5 days a week, it's amazing, really. I think that's what finally killed our old Kenmore.

Today, the HD sales guy scared me off any of the LG's - he said way too noisy, I'd be returning it. So LG seems like a bad choice. Or is it - I've seen lots of negative posts here on LG? That leaves me with GE FL's, and the sales guy wasn't impressed with those, and then Maytag's EpicZ (seems like older models with lots of complaints) and finally Maytag's newer models - Performance 5000 Series Front load Steam Washer 4.2 cu ft ($1,079 after 10% off +free delivery & install) OR the Maytag 3000 Performance Series 4.0 cu ft front load (no steam) for $899 after 10% off (free delivery, etc also). Supposedly the Performance Series have commercial grade components.

I might have been sold on the steam feature for sanitizing in both the washer and dryer but don't know if I am getting the big up-sell and being a sucker! I'm kind of a germphobe so the extra squeaky clean thing appeals to me! ;) Also, my middle child may finally diagnosed with asthma and so eliminating dust mites might become more urgent...

If I wasn't limited to Home Depot, I'd probably get the Electrolux set from Sears in a heartbeat. But we are saving so much money this way, there's really no other option for us but to stick with the gift cards. I need to make a decision within the next few days!!

Any input on my best options with my limited selection would be much appreciated.....Thanks!

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