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LG front load washer/dryer

16 years ago

Last year, I purchased an LG front load washer and dryer combo. I have had nothing but problems with the washer and after attempting to get the washer fix (still under the 1 year warranty) I will NEVER purchase an LG product again. When I first bought the machine, the motherboard was bad, so it had to be replaced. In Sept 07 the rubber seal (which keep the water inside the front load washer) got a tear in it. We could not do laundry at home for over 6 weeks due to water pouring out the front of the machine. LG now contracts their repairs to a sub-contractor...does not sound too bad. However, LG provided me a name of a service repair center, who could not do the work until they received a work order from LG. After receiving the work order from LG they had to get permission from the sub-contractor to come to my home to fix the washer. The sub-contractor would not allow the repair center to fix the machine at the price they quoted, so the repair center had to readjust their claim and resubmit it to LG. All of this has to be done online, so it takes time. It took me 6 1/2 weeks to get my machine repaired. I contacted LG customer service 4 separate times requesting a supervisor to contact me. I was told each time that a supervisor would be calling me back in 24-48 hours (they are not avail to speak to customers immediately). I have yet to be contacted by LG. My recommendation: if you don't mind going elsewhere to wash and dry your clothing if your machine should break down, go ahead and buy one. If you like great customer service and timely service I would not buy one. After dealing with this last issue, I will never buy another LG product again!

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