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Outdoor Solar Landscape Lighting Question

12 years ago

Hello, I would like to install some solar lights to border around my deck in the back yard. The yard gets plenty of sun, but here is the issue. I want to place the lights even with where the deck ends and basically surround the entire perimeter with lights. As such, due to where I would like to place the lights, a good amount of the sunlight will be blocked or shaded by the deck and therefore I will only get inconsistent lighting. What complicates this is that most of the landscape type solar lights that I've seen have the charger on top of the lantern which in my setup under the deck, will prohibit the sun from getting to it consistently. For this to work, I really need to find a solar lantern that has the charger in the front of the light as opposed to the top of the light. I've also heard there are some lights that have a separate wire that has a charger attached to it that you can move around to get the best sunlight which will then feed the lights. Problem with that is that I would have to bury the wires which is not what I want to do. Any suggestions on what kind of light I may be able to purchase to solve my issue? Thank you.

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