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Where's your dirty laundry live? Pics of pedestal/cubby solution!

12 years ago

HELP!! I need a remedial course in laundry management, lol. We just adopted 2 children and moved to a farm where we're building a house (lots of mud/manure/kid stuff) so laundry has suddenly become complicated. Plus this is my first front loader and I'm debating the whole pedestal vs countertop thing.

BC (Before Children) it was easy. We each did our own laundry. We kept 2 baskets in our closets for whites and colors. When they were full we'd just bring them to the lr and wash.

But now I'm doing mine plus kids plus linens and it seems much more complicated to me. How do other families deal with it?

Right now I have a laundry basket in each child's closet but often when they come in I have them strip down and throw the muddy clothes directly into the laundry room.

So, I came across this DIY pedestal and got all excited.


Source: via Vicki on Pinterest

At first I thought it looks like a great way to

1. get a great looking pedestal for cheap, and

2. corral all the dirty laundry that is presently living in an overflowing basket on my tiny lr floor.

But wait, don't I want to have a countertop over the W/D? Is this a better solution for stashing dirty clothes? (and thank you crazyhouse for posting it!)


Source: via Vicki on Pinterest

This might be an even better solution because it would let me keep the countertop over the w/d, and still utilize cubbies for separating laundry.

Or has anybody here come up with an even more brilliant idea for dealing with dirty laundry?

Do you stash it in your bath/closet/bedroom until it's full and then drag it into the lr and dump it all out on the floor to sort? Or what?

Which is better, having a countertop running over the wd or having the pedestal? At first I was in love with the idea of having the countertop. (But probably I'd just keep baskets of laundry on it anyway, so they may as well live underneath, right?)

I'd appreciate hearing any thoughts on the pics or any ideas you have on managing dirty laundry. Thanks a bunch!

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