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Need Advise: New Maytag or LG Front-Loader

12 years ago

I've been a lurker here for months, but now find myself needing to buy a new set that can stack. Nothing excites me about what's available, but I've narrowed it down to the Maytag MHW6000, which is Direct Drive, Maytag MHWE950, which is Belt Drive, and either the LG WM2350 or WM3360, both Direct Drive.

The LGs seem to differ only in drum size (3.7 vs. 3.9), and some features, but appear to be built on the same platform. The Maytags, on the other hand, are totally different machines. The belt drive model (which is slightly smaller), may be one that I've read about here that is German-built; can anyone confirm that? Where the 2 Maytags are such different systems, I was hoping someone here could tell me why I'd want one over the other. Is direct-drive preferable to belt-drive, or vice-versa, and if so, why?

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