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HELP! I have to paint new interior doors/baseboards

10 years ago

This is stressing me out a little.
We are doing an extensive remodel and the GC is taking it through drywall/texture/PVA. He'll also put in the preprimed doors and trim. However, we are in charge of painting everything--walls (before doors and trim are installed) as well as doors and trim.

I can handle the walls--painted many of those in my life. As well, I can cut a straight line. But, frankly, having to paint the base boards, doors and trim is freaking me out a little (we'll do some shade of white).

How is the best way to do it? What type of paint is best for this? (we live in a gloomy climate, this is the first time my house will have white trim--I'm very excited about it, but don't know whether to pick glossy, semi-, eggshell, or???

Also, the doors are 6 panel. How's the best way to paint them?

Should I use Flotrol or a similar product for any/all of this?

Thanks for any help! I am most active on the build forum, but love the resources provided in ALL the forums.

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