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How do you lubricate or grease a blender?

14 years ago

DB put the blender blade mechanism in the dishwasher, and most of the lubricant got washed away. Now it rattles terribly when I try to use, and I need to replace the lubricant or grease that was in the bottom of the blade assembly. What kind of grease should I use, and where would I be able to buy it? Needless to say, Kevin will never put the blade in the DW again! I think it is supposed to use white grease, and I was thinking of going to an auto supply store. If I go to Home Depot, what would I ask for? Would I ask for "white grease"? I could not get much info from doing a Google search. I may go out and buy a new stick blender in the meantime, as I am not happy with the ones I have now. My multi-speed Braun died last year after over 20 years of service, and DB's stick blender and my Cuisinart cordless both only have one speed, which is unacceptable.

I would have asked this on the appliance forum, but I don't know anyone there.


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