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Ariel Revita Color liquid detergent questions

13 years ago


Since the hispanic market I frequent no longer carries Ariel Baja espuma powder detergent, I decided to try this out.

It's entirely in Spanish and I assume it's for colored clothing. The clerk ( she sort of understood my question) said that, yes, it was for colored clothing.

Has anyone used this detergent? A 1 liter bottle was just over $3. The smell is pleasant, not overly so like the powdered Ariel.

There was also a black bottle that had the word Downey on it. Not sure if it was specifically for black clothing, but would like to know that too if anyone knows.

I previously purchased the VIVA powdered detergent made by Henkel. Does anyone know if it resembles Persil, which is out of my price range? The smell is more tolerable out of the bag than the Ariel as well.

I'm curious if it's ok to wash colored clothing with it?

Thank you for your help!

There is an online store called Latin Products that carry a good variety in case anyone is interested.

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