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Kenmore Dryer - Side Venting Kit Install

14 years ago

I just bought a Kenmore top load washer/dryer pair. It is the 782 series (Sears#263 668 782).

Our laundry room has a side-vent, and while I can attach a duct out the back and bend it to the side vent, this will take up a lot of depth in my laundry room - which I do not have. Typically, 5" of depth gets taken up just for rear vents.

The salesperson recommended a side-vent kit and showed me on the dryer where the hole "pops out" (it's perforated?). You simply block the hole at the back and pop-out the side hole and install the kit, attach the duct and voila! Sounds simple right? Well, if it's so simple, why won't the Sears installers install a side kit for you? You pay them extra to install the washer and dryer but they won't install the side kit.

I am not too eager to do this myself, but I don't want to pay big bucks for a handyman to come and do it for me.

Maybe I should just get it installed by the Sears guy first out the back, see if it's working okay and then install the side kit later? Is that even possible?

Any info that anyone has about these side kits would be much appreciated!


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