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California weather, good grief...

15 years ago

So - how is everyone this morning? Especially our CA KTers?

The electricity in our neighborhood finally came back on - after 24 hours without! The temp inside our home had dropped to 58. The first thing I did was to get the computer booting up, then plugged in my cell phone to recharge, then put on a pot of coffee, and now am here. Last night was something else. Dh and I and the cats gathered in the den, turned on the portable radio, loaded the coffee table with some big plump candles, got out some comfy throws, and listened to the only working radio station - KSCO Santa Cruz. Dh finally retreated to the MBR, which was too cold for me, and I stayed with the kitties, at last blew out the candles, left the radio on and slept for six hours.

This morning we told ourselves to plan for this lasting til Monday, but at 11 a.m., oh joy, the power returned.

As Mountainwoman said, we badly need the rain, and there's more to come today. But we didn't need those 60mph winds! Later today there's supposed to be more - small thunderstorms - but much less wind.

I'm wondering how others in NoCal and on the Central Coast are doing. Keeping warm, with plenty of hot drinks, I hope.

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