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Where can I find an old school (not HE)washing machine?

11 years ago

I HATE my whirlpool Cabrio. The minute our towels get damp, they stink!! I've tried bleach, vinegar, baking soda etc. I also don't like the way I can't open it mid cycle to add something without waiting forever for it to unlock. It's infuriating!!! Our clothes have been beaten to death against its cheese grater walls and are all faded. My sons uniform pants never come out clean. im not talking about stains. he wears dark navy pants and if theres a little dried mud on them, they come out of the drier with the same dried mud!!!! It TAKES WATER TO WASH, and these stupid HE things hardly use water!!!! Hellllooooo!!! lastly, It shuts down mid cycle when trying to wash duvet covers etc.

I wish I had kept by cheap agitator washer from 1999. I got rid of it because it was too small for our now family of 6, but I'd take it back in a heartbeat if I could find one.

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