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boo hoo, I soaked my cast iron skillet

13 years ago

I have a small Lodge pre-seasoned cast iron skillet. Last night I fried some sausages in it. When I tried to clean it, little bits still stuck to the skillet. I decided to put a little water in it and let it soak for "just a minute." I got distracted and did not get back to the skillet until this morning.

I have thoroughly washed it with a blue scrubby sponge and a bit of dish soap. Then dried it with paper towels. Not much color on the paper towels UNTIL I coated it with oil. Then something from the skillet came off on the paper towels. The were kind of charcoal grey-ish. It is now in a 250 degree oven.

Did I do right? Is there something else I need to do (other than buy a timer to remind me to get back to things...but that is a whole different subject!)?

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