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Making My Own GraniteVanity, Removed Slab Sticker And left spot.

11 years ago

So, I bought some pieces of granite froma guy and have been making my own outdoor countertops and now my first bath vanity.

I have a wet polisher and full pad set and feel like I've gotten pretty proficient with it.

I cut out the sink and everything and polished up all the edges and even took a scratch out of the top. Its a dark blue speckled piece.

I took it inside and finally removed a sticker that was stuck on the top surface edge and its left this perfect dark rectangle where the sticker was.

I've tried acetone, alcohol, and vinegar and nothing phases it so I no longer think its sticker residue.

I'm not sure what to do. Thinking maybe if I bring the polisher inside and hit it with the 3000 or 1500 pad for a couple minutes that might take it out. Not sure what it is.

I dunno if the rest of the slab faded in the sun around that spot?

I know when I cut out the sink, and polished all the inner edge it seems to match the rest so no way the sub faded all the way through the slab.

Any thoughts are appreciated....??

When I wet it it looks great, darker, and you can't see the spot.

Is there a sealer that leaves a wet look that I can use on it?

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