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How did you discover the GW and/or KT?

13 years ago

In the late 1990's, I did a search on FoodSaver to find more info before I bought one. It brought up the Cooking Forum. I don't know for sure when the KT started but I didn't discover it at first. Just had my usual few forums I visited. Even after I ventured over to the KT, it moved so quickly, and since I worked so many long hours, I didn't have time to keep up. I retired early 2004, started visiting here, and occasionally posting......been here almost daily ever since. Of course this was Spike's place for several years when I started. I sometimes wonder what he's doing now.


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  • bigack
    13 years ago

    I really don't remember!

  • phyllis__mn
    13 years ago

    I got my first computer in early 1999, and went to the HGTV forums then. They started being pretty nasty to each other, and when someone suggested the KT, I came here, and it's been home ever since.

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    I usually use a combination of mine and my husband's names. At other forums I am jdkline but I wanted to change it to a shortened version of my name here. d is the first letter of my first name and kline is my last name. 2008 is the year I joined gardenweb. I am a moderator at 2 other swap sites and thought I could fly under the radar here but I didnt change my name enough to do that. Every now and then one of the members will private message me and say....I saw you at garden web. LOL I love the people here and at the other site. Both sites are awesome. But I come here for my garden junk inspiration and to be with people who think of junk as gold as I do. This forum is so inspiring to me. I come and post for a while then I get busy and dont post for a while but I ALWAYS lurk at least. LOL The talent here is awesome and the people are very nice. I really admire any place I can go on the web that has such talent and harmony. Everyone here is so wonderful and caring and I think that's what makes it special for me. Calamity.........what a wonderful accomplishment!! I know your very proud of yourself. Deb
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  • mcmann
    13 years ago

    In the summer of 2006 I was looking for reviews of Dacor wall ovens and one of the links was to the Appliance Forum. I became a regular on the Appliance, Kitchen and Bath forums and then one day Organic Donna invited everyone on the Conversations side of the Kitchen forum to check out the KT - and that's how I arrived here.

    Thanks Donna.

  • lydia1959
    13 years ago

    I was asking questions at some of the other forums here (kitchens, decks, birdwatching) and stumbled into the KT. I was really kind of freaked out after I posted on a thread and then got a Welcome from so many peeps! Been here ever since.

  • jenuwin
    13 years ago

    Did a search for something and it took me here. Been here since Aug of 1999.

  • chisue
    13 years ago

    A cyber friend told me about GW when we were building a house. I don't remember how I got here from that forum, but it was around the same time James Surowiecki wrote about 'The Wisdom of Crowds'. His theory is proven here every day!

  • plantmasterm
    13 years ago

    A friend of mine introduced me to the GW because he knew how much I loved gardening, that was about year and half ago ..back then I would only go to the house plant forum, I slowly started to venture out on my own to the other forums ..House plants are my passion so I enjoyed the the forum for awhile but the participants IMHO where very rude and it was more of a competition..that turned my stomach so I don't visit has much anymore

  • Georgysmom
    13 years ago

    I was remodeling my kitchen and started googling different things and up popped the Garden Web....I'm not sure exactly how but glad I found the many forums.

  • soxxxx
    13 years ago

    I was looking for information on roses. I ended up on the rose forum which is very active and has such beautiful pictures.

    I saw the headings for other topics, and ventured into them, but I ignored KT for a long time. It is my favorite now. I was a longtime lurker.

  • oldgardener_2009
    13 years ago

    In 1996 I was googling something about gardening and found GardenWeb. I started reading KT and Garden Party forums at that time but didn't participate, mostly I posted in the forums about plants.

  • minnie_tx
    13 years ago

    It's been such a long time and I've tried to remember how I got here but can't I might have gone to the crafts pages first. I wish the search feature was by date

  • lindaohnowga
    13 years ago

    When I first got my computer in 1991, I went looking for crafting forums and found the Crafts and Decoration forum on Garden Web. It was announced there when the KT opened, and I came right over and have been here ever since.

  • jel48
    13 years ago

    I had to look at my GW Profile and refresh my memory about when! I discovered GW in 2002. I remember how. I was looking for information about 'sweating a pipe' so that I (single at the time) could figure out how to put a new handle on the pipe that went to my washing machine. I found the plumbing forum, asked my question, and successfully sweated the pipe! And I DIDN"T burn down the house either!

    That profile page sure is out of date, by the way. I don't live there any more. I'm not married to Tom any more, luckily for me, and probably for him too :-)

  • Marilyn_Sue
    13 years ago

    I know it was sometime in 1999. I posted for awhile, can't remember what name I had and then when it went to pay I didn't join it, but still came often to lurk. Later I joined but still didn't post.


  • pump_toad
    13 years ago

    In 2004 I decided I wanted to grow heirloom tomatoes so I checked garden websites and found GW.I Was on the tomato forum for quite awhile when I discovered the Kitchen Table.I sort of gave up on heirloon tomatoes and this year on only planted 4.I really enjoy reading the KT but don't post very often.

  • Cherryfizz
    13 years ago

    I believe it was 1999 or 2000 the year I got my Webtv. After my brother set it up I did my first internet search of Alzheimer's Disease and it brought up the Care Giving Forum. I didn't know such places on the internet existed so after I read for a bit I clicked on the top of the page and it took me to all the other THS forums. My brother then took over the keyboard and checked out the Antique Forum. He then told me there was a Cooking Forum.

    Took me a long time before I posted anything on the Caregiving Forum but I remember it was a reply to a post called "Useless Family Members" LOL Boy did I have a lot to say - and that was my first posting.

    I then started to post on the Cooking Forum. Finding the THS forums was a great stress reliever for me at the time and I would post during the wee hours of the night. I participated in my first Cooking Forum swap and my brother thought I was crazy and said "if you send out a box of things to someone how do you know they will send anything back" He was pleasantly surprised when I received my wonderful swap box.

    I then found the KT and lurked a lot way before I posted anything. What a hoot the members were then. I never laughed so much as I did when reading the posts. Murphy, and Dea and Buzzard and Flamey, Lori, Jenni, Tadpole and of course Glenda with her gif of an old lady with peanut butter fumes coming off her body. LOLOL This was the outlet I needed to get away from the stress I had taking care of my Mom. I remember reading about Monica taking care of her husband and then Nancy CT - she had some good stories and was so positive despite cancer ravaging throughout her body. Then I think it was a woman name Maria posting about her brain tumour right up to the end. All these brave women I was reading about who were so positive. Same as the ones suffering today and being so positive and still having a sense of humour. I have learned so much from all of you.

    The rumours started that Spike was going to pay to post on some forums. I was gifted a membership from one of my friends on the Cooking Forum. I was unbeleivably touched. Ah, then the support and caring I received when my Mom was dying. The forums and THS were my outlet to a world of people that were good and caring. I didn't have my family around me much during that time but I had the people here.

    Finding these forums did change my life.


  • sue_va
    13 years ago

    Don't really remember exactly when I got on the Internet, but I learned there were places (Bulletin Boards) where you could find discussion groups. Found one I really liked, made a comment, and never found it again. I searched for Senior Groups. Boring!! Then I went looking for gardening help and found GW. Visited and posted at Garden Party, found a nice group of people there; even met and had lunch with a person who lives in my town. Then someone at GP mentioned that Spike had started the KT, so I came here. That was when the big rumble at HGTV had started and people left there and came here.

    Phyllis__mn, I had not ever visited HGTV and always have been curious about what the problem was there?

    KT has been my home base since then, even though there have been a lot of changes over time.

    Jel48, when Spike sold to iVillage, many changes were made, one of them being the Profile page, and it was definitely not for the better.


  • monica_pa Grieves
    13 years ago

    It was early in 2001. DH was being treated for Prostate cancer and had just had unrelated abdominal aneurysm surgery that, ended up with 2 more surgeries due to mistakes made by hospital staff(he won malpractice suit).
    Well, with those problems, he missed treatments for the cancer....and it went out of control.

    I was all over the internet looking for medical information for all of the above, and met a woman who suggested I might enjoy the KT.
    So, I joined.

    The KT saved my sanity through his final year as I kept him home until his death.

    Thanks again, KT'ers.

  • Dee1
    13 years ago

    Searched for a certain plant, it led me to GW and after a few years I came to KT, lurked for another few years, and here I am.
    Dee in Michigan

  • Marcia Thornley
    13 years ago

    I stumbled upon the The Pets forum and got talking with Steph about our dogs. I then discovered the KT and started reading all about everyone and the Caregivers forum where I first read Cherryfizz's posts so I just had to join too! That was in 2000 I think.

  • jannie
    13 years ago

    I love gardening, I found Gardenweb in 1999 when I got my first computer, from there it was just a click or two to The Kitchen Table.

  • bigfoot_liz
    13 years ago

    in 1996 i came across the gardenweb plant forums thru an internet search, then quickly found the garden party. i went to my first internet get together in 1997 for the garden party Chicago bunch. met my dh thru the garden party in 1997 too :-) sometime late 1998 the KT was open and i came over here also. the KT came about after the problems at the beer garden in the au forums.

    i actually have a box of disks from the original days & first few yrs, they are 3.5" disks lol (a few floppy 5" too :-)) and the extensions can not be read by any of the puters we have now. if someone has ideas on how to access the files or ability to do so i'd love to know! ~ liz

  • JoAnn_Fla
    13 years ago

    I had a pen pal that sent me sites everyday, KT was among the list.

  • vetaal
    13 years ago

    Liz, i'd imagine if you take diskettes to computer repair place (not Geek squad), they might be able to read them... worth a try.
    I found GW thru Daylily forum (got into growing them and were looking for some information). Posted for some time on Daylily and Cottage garden.
    Funny stuff: the picture on title page of Garden Junk forum was my joke answer to a thread about what must be in the "junk" garden.
    Read on Garden Party for a time and from there migrated onto reading the Kitchen Table.

  • maryanntx
    13 years ago

    I did a search for crafts and found the Crafts and Decorating forum. From there I came to the KT.

  • kathyg_in_mi
    13 years ago

    I was working at Joann Fabrics and a customer was working on her daughters wedding. I mentioned my DD was getting married and she wrote down THS and told me to check it out. So glad I did, think it was in 1999.
    Kathy G in MI

  • bulldinkie
    13 years ago

    i dont remember too many years ago,I cant remeber yesterday.

  • janie_ga
    13 years ago

    I found the KT when I was searching for info on refrigerators. I had purchased my first house in the Spring of 1998 and the appliance forum popped up at the first link in whatever the search engine that was most popular then. Somehow stumbled around and got here. Been here as a member or lurking ever since!

  • vicki_lv
    13 years ago

    I am an HGTV cast off too. It was nasty many people didn't care about other people's feelings. So, I discovered the KT. I have been at the KT for what seems like forever, with the exception of a short time after Spike took over and sent people to Disney.

  • des_arc_ya_ya
    13 years ago

    I love old dinette sets from the 40's, 50's and 60's. I was looking up sites about kitchen tables and you guys just magically appeared.....LOL

    That's been a LOT of years ago.

  • kacram
    13 years ago

    I followed Tiger (florida) from HGTV bulletin boards.
    does anyone remember a poster called
    anonymoose? or somthing like that?

  • country_bumpkin_al
    13 years ago

    I showed up about the time Spike opened the door to the KT! When I found it, there were only 2 posts and 1 of those was Spike's "Welcome" post!! Been here ever since. Seen a lot of people go..and a lot of new faces come through the door!!

  • veta
    13 years ago

    I was researching hummingbirds, and found the hummingbird forum. From there, I went to the seed trading forum, and received many, many great seeds in trades. While my husband was ill with cancer, I devoted my time to caring for him, and had no time for gardening and seed trading. I then just wandered around various forums as time allowed, and eventually landed here. My husband has since died, and I find myself with too much time on my hands now. I am grateful for the sense of belonging I find here, and now visit the other forums only occasionally.

  • donna_oh
    13 years ago

    My kids gave me this Web TV for my 60th B/D (1999) & I somehow ended up on some forum--a bunch of them got sent to Disney, & this guy from England directed me to the KT--Been here ever since!

    Donna (^_^)

  • donna37
    13 years ago

    In the early 90s got my first computer and was looking up gardening information and found GW. Was on the garden junk forum for a long time, farm life, Ozarks region and several years later found the KT. I paid a subscription for a couple of years before it became free.

  • tralynn
    13 years ago

    I did a search for something and it took me to trash to treasure. I was on there for a while and eventually started looking around and found the KT. Been here ever since.

  • 3katz4me
    13 years ago

    I was in the market for a new washer/dryer about 7-8 years ago and was looking for owner reviews. I found the laundry forum. I got my new W/D and slipped away for probably a couple years. Then I found my way back to Kitchens when I was going to remodel my kitchen. I spent A LOT of time there and I still read about one page of stuff there on a regular basis to see if I can add any useful commentary. Once the kitchen was done though I drifted to Cooking but I never really got into that as much as I did Kitchens. I've drifted around to some other forums depending on what I'm working on (household finances, bathrooms, etc.) but also came here for nothing in particular. Over time I've gradually started reading here on a regular basis and post something from time to time. I don't feel like I fit in here entirely since a lot of people seem to be retired and I am working - sometimes 12 hour days. Your interests and priorities differ quite a bit under these circumstances.

  • cynic
    13 years ago

    Probably about late 99 or 2000 was searching for something and went to one of the forums. There were some other forums that I had been to and couldn't find again. At that time I was out of work and had a lot of time on my hand but then started doing a lot of research on various topics. Long time lurker.

    Wow. Been a lot longer than I realized!

  • patti43
    13 years ago

    Like most it seems, I did a search for something and I think the recipe forum popped up. I saved it under "Favorites" but, being I'm not always the most observant peron, didn't really notice other forums for a while. I lurked/posted at some sites including KT, but it must've been around the time it went to pay, because it wasn't long before it wasn't available.

  • liz
    12 years ago

    September, 1997...I was searching how to paint over varnished cabinets...Garden Web came up with it's numerous forums and I clicked on "Kitchen Table"'s been a wonderful ride ever since...

  • debnfla8b
    12 years ago

    It was 1999 and I had just quit smoking. I was looking for a hobby to keep me busy so I figured growing roses was a good idea. I stumbled onto the Antique Rose Forum, bought hundreds of them and yes, they have kept me busy for the last 11 years and helped me stop smoking, never touched another one either!

    I got brave and ventured out into the world wide web and encountered a whole new world...LOL


  • joann23456
    12 years ago

    It was around 2000, and I was browsing the web in preparation for remodeling my kitchen. I didn't get to actually *do* the remodel until last year, and in the meantime, I searched through the web, the library, and the local bookstore, but I think the wealth of knowledge on the Kitchens forum here surpasses what I could find elsewhere.

  • majaco
    12 years ago

    My daughter told me about the KT,years ago.She thought I would like it and I did.

  • Tally
    12 years ago

    In 1996 I was exploring the internet with the search engines back then (The Mining Company, Excite, Lycos, Alta Vista etc) and looking up diseases on roses.

    I found the Garden Web rose forum, and from there went on to The Garden Party. One link led to another.....

  • alexis717_df
    12 years ago

    I found GW in 2006 when I was researching plants for a new home I had just purchased. But I don't think I joined till 2007. Not a big poster, but I lurk really really well. Discovered KT last year so now my main hangouts are KT and the Hosta Forum.

  • danihoney
    12 years ago

    Like Alexis, we were purchasing a new home. It was in a very different climate zone so I was trying to educate myself on what I could plant. I found the California gardening forums. I was getting frustrated over there, feeling Like I was being talked down to because I didn't know all the botanical names. Someone was talking about how much friendlier and welcoming the KT was so I checked it out.
    I still remember which thread I made my first comment to. It was a "what's your favorite fragrance" thread. That was 2002 and I still wear the same perfume. Beautiful by Estee Lauder. And I don't go to the other forum anymore.

  • Jasdip
    12 years ago

    When DH said he didn't mind if I set up vermicomposting in the apartment, I googled sites for more information.
    Once I found the GW Vermi forum, I also found Houseplants (another of my favourite things).

    Just last year I posted a query on the KT about sucessful hints for using my breadmaker. Right away I got several good responses, which definitely worked on making me a better "machine" bread maker. I thought, well, since these people were so nice to help me with my question, it's obviously a place I want to be. The KT is my favourite and I need my daily fix.

  • jaybird
    12 years ago

    In 1999 I was on the GI forum at MSN ???? Someone recommended the deco site here. I then traveled around and found the KT.
    I started when it was free, later I paid to play and was still around when it went back to free once again.

  • jemdandy
    12 years ago

    I frequented the "cars" forum and looked at the other forums on the "home" site.

    Also, when I first subscribed to a dial-up ISP 10 years ago, the "home" site was one of the default items the ISP put into a starter "favories" list.