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Slow roasting at 200 degrees--safe?

11 years ago

My mom bought a discounted, expires-tomorrow pork roast that she plans to slow-roast for dinner tomorrow. Her method is to put the cold roast into a cold oven and turn the dial to 200 degrees. The meat is removed at a temperature of 140 degrees (usually after 4-5 hours) and tented with foil. This is assumed to bring the meat to 145.

I know the cooking temperature of crock-pots was raised (I believe the contents must be held at 200 degrees) because food must be brought to safe temperature quickly. I'm worried about this cold roast in a cold oven taking hours to get up to temp. Yet I also read about sous-vide cooking, which involves only very low temperatures in water bath immersion--and it appears to be safe.

What is lowest safe temperature to oven-roast at? I see many recipes with higher start temps, or brown the meat first, but Mom refuses to do either. I'm feeding elderly and children, using expired meat, and freaking out. Should I just secretly unplug the fridge tonight and offer to take everyone out tomorrow?

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